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Accepting and Letting Go

The biggest contributor to my peace of mind was accepting what I originally couldn’t.

I have usually been an understanding person, but there were many situations that didn’t make sense to me.

I grew up feeling drained with no self esteem and my struggles with trying to handle my anxiety and depression.

I couldn’t change the situations that happened. If I could, of course I would. However, I had to embrace the situations for what they were.

The people that had hurt me had their reasons. It’s out of my control. Even though I had spent years hurting, I eventually learned to heal from the words and actions meant to steer me from the right path.

I’ve had to accept that I will never receive an apology from the people who have hurt me the most.

I can’t change who anyone else is. Some people won’t change. I have to accept who people are. Just as people can’t change who I am.

The people I had hurt was a result of feeling lost growing up. I was a teenager who felt worthless and acted out of spite. I hurt many relationships unintentionally.

There was a time I was afraid to admit everything I have done wrong. I was scared people would think less of me for the choices I made, because I used to think less of myself for the mistakes I’ve made.

I realized if people did want to think less of me for my past, then I need to reevaluate their place in my life. I accepted my poor choices and gained so much insight from them. If people couldn’t accept my past, then so be it. The important part was that I accepted who I used to be and made peace with myself.

The circumstances and consequences of my actions took me awhile to accept. I beat myself up for the poor choices I made and found myself constantly in regret, anger, and embarrassment. I didn’t want to continue to live my life with these feelings anymore.

Whatever has happened in my life can’t be changed. I only have control of my future choices. The situations that life threw at me were full of lessons and helped me grow into the person I am today.

Where I am now is where I want to be, even with carrying the pain I have endured from my darker chapters.

Holding onto an outcome of a situation will only hold you back.

Don't let a situation have power over you, show everyone that you have power over the situation.

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