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There's Only One You

In a world full of people, there's only one you.

After years of fearing what others thought of me, I realized that I would rather be judged for who I am rather than pretend to be someone I’m not in an attempt to dodge judgement, which is going to happen either way!

So why do we care about what others think of us? We are stuck in this trap of comparing ourselves to others and wanting to be someone we are not. We are constantly looking for validation and approval. We forget that there will never be an exact replica of ourselves.

Instead of embracing our strong characteristics that make us unique, we dull them down and change our personalities to become someone else. Our energy is wasted on trying to conform for approval when we could be spending our time being as authentic and different as possible.

Personally, I admire people who aren't afraid to speak up, stand out, and be themselves.

We’re afraid of being our authentic selves. We despise the thought of being judged and ridiculed. The irony in this is that the person who is judging us the most, is ourselves. Also, people are going to judge us no matter what. Whether it’s good or bad, everyone will have some sort of opinion.

Don’t forget that the opinions of others are merely just opinions and not facts.

You only get one guaranteed life. Why dwell on others opinions that are shaping you to be the person you are? Their opinions do not define you.

Do you really want to spend your one guaranteed life focused on how others perceive you, duplicating someone else, or doing something that you hate to try to fulfill expectations?

It’s exhausting trying to keep everyone happy and ignoring what you really want and need in life.

No matter what, people talk. People have something to say about anyone and anything. You could do everything right and someone will still throw dirt on your name because it is not up to their own standards. You can’t please everyone.

You can’t control what people think, say, or do. The only person you have control of is you.

If what you’re doing makes you genuinely happy, then other’s opinions do not matter. Do what makes you happy. It’s important to put your happiness first.

Don’t live your life for the sake of others. Live your life for you. Do what you want to do. The opinions and words of others are a reflection of themselves, not you. People often bring down others because of jealousy and the need to feel superior.

There's only one you, embrace your quirks and stop dulling your shine! Trust who you are and do what is right for you, not what you think others want you to do.

Be your most authentic self because in the end, people are going to have something to say about you anyway.

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