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Be Happy Now

There are times we feel that we have to reach a certain point in our lives to start “living” and be happy. We believe that we need to become or complete something in order for happiness to appear. However, happiness is here now.

We often get the impression that we need to obtain, become, or accomplish something before we feel complete and happy in life.

We are on a constant journey to obtain a sense of accomplishment. We feel that we need to hit a goal before we’re happy. We keep seeking happiness. We don’t need to become something in order to feel free and content with life.

Why do we keep telling ourselves we’ll be happy when we do this, if we become something, or if we have that?

Why can’t we be happy now?

We have control of our emotions, our happiness. How we react and feel is up to us, not an accomplishment, object, or person. The power of happiness is in our hands.

We often put our happiness on hold until we complete milestones. Major milestones contribute to our success, but our happiness is here now.

Keeping a mental list of what we need to accomplish or obtain before we can be happy is jeopardizing how we feel now.

Goals are only beneficial if we are not consumed with stress or pressure by the end result. The progress and the journey on the way to the goal should be stress-free and not a search for happiness, since it is here now.

Life is right in front of you. Be happy now.

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